The cluster of neighborhoods known as West Town have emerged as a haven for modern and contemporary architecture over the last 10 years. Described as hip and artistic, restaurants and independent businesses co-mingle with entertainment and classy boutiques.  There is an impressive display of galleries, theatres, and music venues, offering numerous opportunities to enjoy art, music and performances. Downtown workers will appreciate the proximity to public transportation and the Loop.

The mix of lifestyles has created a thriving environment for modern architecture in the city. With more affordable land values and opportunity for tear downs compared to more established neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and Lakeview, these areas have seen a steady increase in the number of young families who wish to build a new home and continue to live in the city rather than moving to the suburbs. The six corners intersection of North, Damen & Milwaukee offers great nightlife, shopping and dining. Further north, Damen Avenue continues to attract high end luxury boutiques. The continued commercial and residential developments of these neighborhoods makes the West Town area a great place to live. Contemporary properties are welcomed beside vintage buildings, many of which have been outfitted with modern amenities.